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Population is migratory inSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The means with a kind of mobile population is actually in the life, in population of a place distributinging is to be able to happen fluctuant, affecting the factor with migratory population in daily life normally is rife, and this kind of migratory project amount is very tremendous, once begin the operation, work in what must do good deal with problems arising from an accident at ordinary times, probable in migratory process it is to be able to happen a lot of change sealedly.

 Affect migratory element what to have

What does the element with influence migratory population have?

1. climate, affect the person’s body directly not only, and the soil that affecting an area, vegetation and hydrology, having main effect to the mankind is produced and living.

2. fresh water, distributing reach its to change, decided the dimensional pattern of human life, production greatly, deciding migratory direction of the mankind and dimensions thereby.

3. soil, it is the fundamental condition that affects agricultural production.

4. mineral products, it is resource production development, especially the foundation of manufacturing industry.

5. natural disaster, after producing big natural disaster, famine or zoology aggravation can force people migratory.

Socioeconomy element

1, economic element: Population is migratory and main, the element that often acts well. Economy grows more, population between the area migratory restrict with respect to what accept economic condition more.

Below ① most circumstance, population is migratory it is to seek better economic income, can have better living standard thereby.

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② is macroscopical on look, economic layoutNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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what the change also can create a large number of population is migratory. Be like our country special economic zone establish, attracted the ingoing of a large number of population.

2, the development of traffic and communication, narrowed relatively the distance between the area, reduced all sorts of difficulty with cloggy migratory population, those who promoted population is migratory. Since nearly a few centuries, the mankind is more and more large-scale, big range, big of span migratory concern with this.

 Affect migratory element what to have

3, cultural and educational work, the life attitude that development changed people and life expectation, also changed people to know the attitude of the outer world, what promoted population thereby is migratory.

4, marriage and family, marriage is the main factor; with influence youth migratory population and domestic element (if implementation family reunites) be in of minor and old people mouth migratory in having main effect.

Political element

1, policy, concern population especially migratory policy carry out

Sound policy can promote population migratory and reasonable normal ground has the policy with unreasonable; , or policy is sound but the measure of executive policy is unreasonable, can produce contrary result.

2, war, it is the destruction of normal to the mankind surroundings and order, often cause population migratory.

For example: During World War II, european mouth is migratory reach 30 million person. 20 centuries end happens in the tribe war of area of African Rwanda, Congo, the conflict of area of European the Balkan peninsula, cause population migratory amount is same with millions plan.

3, politics changes, a country changes politically, the change of political center.

The influence with migratory to population environment

Period the reason with main migratory ambient conditions

Collect and chase period lives the immediate impact that development accepts an environment, especially plant fructification distributings with prey seek food

Object of production of agriculture of agricultural civilization society basically is land, land cannot move the gender makes agricultural population stabilizes; to search new land relatively

Population grows, land is relatively insufficient, make population migratory.

Industrial civilization society is ultimate on changed the condition that manacles labour force on land. The constant change that industry produces a condition

Subject of labor and data of labor of industrial production demand, labour force and

Form between the market cooperate goodly. This1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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When population is migratory scale is unprecedented.

PersonThe mouth is migratory the influence to the environment

Population is migratory exchange makes populationFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum
Distributing, labour force is filled with be short of, of area of culture of the development of communication of stimulative area culture, new natural resources, economy build, the nation and phyletic confluence effect with have main.

1, give the ground and ingoing ground to change affect

(1) can alleviate on certain level change goes contradiction of ground person ground, protectionShanghai noble baby

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Zoology environment; strengthens the society with the outside, economy, science and technology and culture connection; better use; of land natural resources but also can cause the brain drain, labor is in short supply.

 Affect migratory element what to have

(The development; that 2) offerred many labour force; to promote flow of goods and economic progress; to be helpful for tertiary industy for ingoing ground but; is opposite the burden that also can increase public facilities and administrative difficulty the influence of nature and profundity of zoology environment generation.

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