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Won’t unfamiliar chromosome is checked, for the woman that has test tube baby to wanting especially, must want to undertake chromosome is checked. Whether is because chromosome examination can detect effectively,the blood that gives both sides of male and female put in haemal disease and tumor problem, A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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But the knowledge of chromosome junior high school, so most person had had to chromosome examination, explain the knowledge that checks about chromosome to everybody today.

Chromosome is what examination

What is chromosome examination? Chromosome examination is to detect the amount of chromosome or structure have without unusual method, the recrudesce that monitor is reached to have very main effect in the diagnosis of blood disease, cure, prognosis. Chromosome checks a when serve as pregnancy important examination, can forecast the risk of birth chromosome ill offspring, as soon as possible discovers whether hereditary disease and he are influential birth chromosome is unusual, common sexual chromosome is unusual, in order to take active and significant interpose step.

At present foregone chromosome disease has more than kinds 300, most fetal companion has grow stunt, a variety of congenital blemish such as obstacle of development of intellective and low, deformation, sex. Chromosome disease is in the crowdA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Not scarce. Pregnancy does chromosome examination to need draw-out amniotic fluid, nap and fetal blood. The specific time that chromosome checks is:

Chromosome is what examination

1, examination of amniotic fluid chromosome: ; of pregnant 16-20 week

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Chromosome checks: Be pregnant 8-12 week;

3, examination of fetal blood chromosome: Pregnant is controlled 28 weeks.

How is chromosome examination done? Blood of the week outside using grows in the cell exciting factor — plant agglutinin (the classics below PHA) action 72 hours of 37 ℃ , education, obtain many dissension cell, the cell that joins meadow saffron element to make undertake disrupt next stops at disrupt metaphase, so that the observation; of chromosome expands via low ooze again cell, reduce chromosome between be twined each other and overlap, use methanol and glacial acetic acid finally willLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The cell is secured at carrying Bo piece on, the structure of chromosome and amount observe below microscope.

Chromosome is what examination

The chromosome nucleus of normal man add X of 2 sexes chromosome and Y for 44 euchromosome, inspection report middling is used 46, XY will express. The euchromosome of normal female and man are same, sexual chromosome is 2 XX, commonly used 4Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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6, XX expresses. The 46 number that show chromosome look, be more than or be less than the 46 number that attribute chromosome unusual. Be short of the sexual chromosome that break commonly used O will express.

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