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From be pregnant to let a lot of people to the fetal meeting that enter a basin is excitement, because feel to be about to produce immediately, actually this is not being represented should labor immediately, this is only a kind augural, enter the time that a few weeks need probably after the basin, darling just can begin to break up, need to notice as accurate mom, answer a few types after the child enters a basin, and the method that how the child should be answered for long into the basin, when giving birth to the child so, ability is ensured somewhat.

How long is classics puerpera born into basin hind partly

Fetal how long can be born into basin hind

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is, do not represent into the basin can labor immediately, what this just produces is augural. To the female that is pregnant first, the 2-3 after entering a basin week darling just can arrive, and to conceiving the accurate mom of 2 embryoes for, childbirth phase can be entered directly after entering a basin. Entering a basin is the signal that fetal darling will arrive namely only, not be childbirthA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Signal, accurate mom should be calm answer.

Nevertheless, the meeting after fetal darling enters a basin oppresses somewhat to palace neck, perhaps can cause palace to shrink, accurate mom needs to shorten appropriately daily activity time, but right now palace shrinks likely not the rule, fit time is short also, need not too nervous.

Fetal do not enter a basin answer a method

Arrived normally pregnant in September, the female that produces first can appear fetal the phenomenon that enters a basin, but the fetal head that also has little part woman has not entered the pelvis in, namely fetal do not enter a basin.

How long is classics puerpera born into basin hind partly

Bring about fetal the reason that does not enter a basin has a lot of, fetal darling is too for instance big, the head of fetal darling and pelvis cannot symmetrical, fetal head drops hard, umbilical cord circles a neck, buy placenta is waited a moment before. But also have accurateForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Mom have not has had the reason of above, fetal still do not enter a basin. Want to accelerate fetal into the basin, accurate mom mights as well do more appropriately do exercise:

1. takes a walk

Take a walk to be able to exercise pelvic ligament not only, make a female successful labor, and still can accelerate basin process. The proposal permits mother everyday morning and evening takes a walk each, every time half hours or so, also can divide 3 times undertake, every time 15-20 minute, can take a walk to talk with darling at the same time at the same time, massage to oneself. Suggest the area that waits for environmental grace in park, village takes a walk, do not choose a car to pollute serious place more.

2. climbs stairs

If what stay in floor is not tall, the proposal chooses to climb elevator of stair and rather than. This carry kinetic energy exercises muscle of leg ministry of the female and hip adequately, be helpful for fetal darling entering a basin, accelerate the plan of childbirth. Attention, climbing feel exhaustion must rest in time between the building, had better family is accompanied. If the doctor has,have some of woman explain1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Cannot climb stairs, had better not have this campaign so.

How long is classics puerpera born into basin hind partly

3. antenatal gymnastics

This person enrages rising motion to be able to exercise the pelvis effectively, the muscle that lets pelvic ground becomes bouncier He Ren sex, and can promote fetal darling to enter a basin smoothly.

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Darling does not allow mom to also need not worry too too into the basin tardy, want child health only, accurate mom pelvis does not have unusual symptom, so shrink as palace when about to give birthFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Extruding, the head of darling still can be entered produce normal childbirth. But reason of if catch a disease catch a disease is affected, perhaps caul is defeated early, when the phenomenon that amniotic fluid pours out of, want to make the preparation of good Caesarean birth when necessary.

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